How to Increase Metal Casting Efficiency: An Engineer’s Checklist

Learn How to Eliminate Manufacturing Bottlenecks 

The manufacturing and metal casting industries have been significantly disrupted in recent years. Energy costs, for example, have escalated too quickly for conventional adjustments. Many supply chains have been slowed, if not halted entirely.

Raw material commodity prices are also up 18% over a year ago, even with more robust demand.

Now more than ever, manufacturers are understanding the need for metal casting process optimization.  

Download Transvalor Americas’ latest guide, “How to Increase Metal Casting Efficiency: An Engineer’s Checklist,” for step-by-step instructions to help your plant:

  • Mitigate defects like dirty molds, shrinkage, and flow marks
  • Implement Lean manufacturing concepts like Total Quality Management, Total Flow Management, and Total Productive Maintenance 
  • Leverage casting simulation software to optimize productivity